Core Values

The following as minimum standards are our guide in the conduct of the church:

Excellency and Practicality

Assemblies of God Back to God Cardiff aim at providing excellent, spirit filled services and will endevour by the grace of God to preach a balanced gospel that caters for the spiritual man yet meeting the day to day needs of the community we live in and the souls we minister to.

Relevancy and Simplicity

We are a church that is relevant to our local community in terms of culture, language, norms and values in our way of presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to all mankind that we meet in this great city of Cardiff.

Intergrity and Character

We are a church with checks and balance systems against any unacceptable standards that are not expected of a believer such as immorality, corruption and other vices and this is inspite of who commits them within the church of Jesus Christ.
We also strongly preach and teach on spiritual gifts of the spirit. Assemblies of God Back to God Cardiff put its emphasise on the importance of Godly character as carriers of the spiritual gifts.

Acknowledgement of Humanity

Assemblies of God Back to God Cardiff strongly believes that man is created in God’s image. No man is superior or important than the other, we are all the same and we are equally valued by God our Creator.

Status does not change the perception of God torwards humanity. Our education, employment, acquired riches, our background and or positions in church or society does not change the plan of God about us.

God has a purpose with each and every individual hence He has given us different talents and gifts within the church so that the whole body will be edified.

Fellowship with each other:

Fellowship unites and binds humanity and or brethren. In fellowship brethren share their needs so as to uphold each other as we journey towards the fulfillment of our destiny. Saints are encouraged to meet on regular basis as this facilitates spiritual growth as demonstrated by the early church in Acts.