We are a life giving multicultural Church situated right in the heart of Cardiff in Wales. We are a Church that endeavours to bring God’s sacrificial Love to all mankind through teaching a sound simplified and amplified Doctrine of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
During our Church services, we facilitate through the grace of God
Powerful heartfelt praise and worship
Encourage genuine and honest friendship
We are a prayerful people and we always strives to be the true epistles of Jesus Christ to this world.
On behalf of Cardiff Assemblies of God (Back to God), may i extend my invitation to attend our services and allow God to make you and cause you to be part of this great vision and that He enable you identify your areas of potential strength.
People of God may you understand this, that when Jesus was raised from the dead, those who believed in Him were also resurrected from their condition of spiritual death and were made alive together with Christ Jesus.
I therefore urge you brothers and sister that, Be yee identifed with Him, for He is a Strong and Mighty Pillar, The Chief Cornerstone of the building. In Him you are complete, Who is the Head of all principality and power.        God bless you all,

Pastor Nick