Word From The Pastor

Assemblies of God Cardiff welcomes you all.  This month of March to April, we are looking at “Re-digging our father’s well”.  This weekend we looked at the life of Elijah and Elisha. We learnt that prior to the time Elijah was caught up to heaven in the whirlwind, his younger understudy Elisha requested a double portion of his anointing. Elijah under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost granted his request only if he is with him at the time he was to be taken to heaven. In 2 Kings 2 verse 9, it is recorded that Elisha witnessed Elijah being taken away.

After reading of the life of Elisha after Elijah double portion of his anointing was upon him is spectacular. It is difficult to believe that any man can have a double portion of his spirit but this came to pass exactly twice as many miracles as those done by Elijah. The last miracle that confirmed that he had a double portion of Elijah’s  happened after his death, when they threw the body of a young man into his grave. The young man came back to life.

God is not yet finished with your life, great and mighty things shall you see and at AOG Cardiff, we believe that this is our season of Double Our Blessings.  It is a season of The Supernatural, It is a season of supernatural supply, supernatural strength, supernatural abilities, supernatural insights, wisdom and knowledge. We are getting to know things by the Holy Ghost and it is a season where we shall see the manifestation and fulfilment of the Word of God about our lives.

Don’t miss out, Come and join the family of God as we experience the total works of manifestation of power in our lives.

God bless you

Pastor Nick